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I’m so glad the Code Breaker videos have been helpful! How does your subscription site differ from the code breakers thank you so much for this resource. could you give me any advise??? This will be a great way to get your feet wet, but have patience in the process! Because of this, you may find our videos helpful in the near future, since Dr. Larsen’s program targets the 4th – 6th grade range. Where do you find the hold punch you used on the vocabulary cards? It says too many redirects. With Andy Harlow Nights come alive with an award-winning spicy fusion of Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, world, salsa, and folkloric music, presented by the one-and-only Andy Harlow. The CodeBreakers videos are only on YouTube (those are free), but yes, the Supplemental Materials are included as a part of the membership. jen. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for asking! I am in the CC Chalenge II program. You will have me for a few years (I have 6 kids). Latin is like a puzzle - a code waiting for us to crack, and trust me, it can become an extremely enjoyable language to learn. I watched a few online but find the music in the background distracting. Hello Latin students! We currently have videos through Lesson 18 in Henle II. If there’s a specific college in mind, consider what they’re requirements are as well. Two great passions have shared the heart of Andy James throughout her life: jazz singing and Flamenco dance. Can you check the links? In the meantime, you can always find the Code Breakers videos on my Latin with Andy Youtube page for free. I appreciate your interest. Keep up the great work. My only negative is that I wish that you had all of the noun declensions as well as the verb conjugations as a Code Breaker style of teaching. How do I subscribe for 2 students? Absolutely! I am interested in your videos for my Challenge A son. Yes! I hope that helps! In the meantime, you can always find the Code Breakers videos on my Latin with Andy Youtube page for free. Heather, this goes over what they will be learning in Challenge, so I would start in Challenge A. If it’s uncertain how your daughter would respond, I recommend simply going with the quarterly option and upgrading if she does love it. However, once you start using Henle latin, and watching my videos that go with its lessons, you will find your students to be very prepared. That’s why we created the Latin with Andy membership site. Thanks for the reminder! Join there first, and then come back to enjoy conversations about Latin! Book one and about half of Henle 2 is complete! If you would like, I have also created a short course to help students in the 4th – 6th grade range. Hi, are all lessons available for the entire year, or do they expire after a certain length of time? Printables also included vocabulary guides, conjugation and declensions, and even some stories and biblical passages to look at, with more on the way! Can Latin for Andy stand alone, or is it to used in conjunction with CC and the Henle text? Together with my 13 year old and 10 year old sons, we are making our way through the lessons and learning so much! I’m glad you have found Code Breakers a helpful resource. Thank you! In addition, you get a ton of printable downloads to help with vocabulary, translation, and other grammatical issues. Hope that helps! It would probably be a bit early. Thanks! There are numerous printables to strengthen understanding and help students gain confidence in learning the language. 3rd declension may be scary, and that’s OK. What matters is what you do about it. I was wondering if Andy goes thru every exercise ? Andy has made some more of these, but we just need to upload them! You just jump in where you want, go at your own pace, and review as much as you need to. Can I view a sample of what the videos are like before I buy a membership? My daughter is just finishing Ch. Try checking your spam box. So far we have talked about only one noun family. Pause the video and see if the work on Andy's board looks similar to what your student has filled in. Andy makes the Henle information fun and engaging. Stripe is actually the easiest option, especially for those who do not use PayPal. Good luck and happy translating! Thank you! It will help make me a better lead learner in the Fall. They seem to be linked to the Henle First year lessons. "Ain't it Funny" is a dancer friendly version of the song originally recorded by Jenifer Lopez. Latin With Andy has 2,966 members. Hi… if I subscribe will my challenge a student be able to view Henle 1 and my challenge 2 student be able to view Henle 2? We want to partner with you in your pursuit of Latin in hopes that you'll fall in love with it as much as we have, or … I forwarded the email to you. How can I just order the flashcards, and is there a sample I can see? Yes, you can upgrade. And is there a schedule provided since I am not CC? Thanks so much. Everything is laid out by Book, then Unit, then Lesson and you have access to everything all at once (and each video is embedded, so you don’t go to a separate site to see them). Do you plan to make videos for the other lessons? Thanks! We are not part of the CC family, will this be a problem with the lessons and work? Enjoy! Thanks! We have a video for every exercise in every Lesson for every Unit, and this for both Henle 1 and 2! Her confidence in the basic grammar principles will go a long way! We also didn’t do Ch1 but did do ChA and ChB. It’s an Arc Punch – like they use in the disc planner systems. For more Latin practice purchase the Code Breaker’s daily worksheets. Check out Latin Jam by Andy Fortuna Productions on Amazon Music. The worksheets allow us to put pen-to-paper figuring it out. I hope that helps! I’d like to sign up for this, I see you offer a discount for those who have purchased cards and other study materials from you. You can view all of Lesson 1 for free: Thank you for your reply. Latin with Andy is like a resource library. I’d like to restore that by slowing down Latin and using something different. I got mine on Amazon: I’ll be sharing a resource in a couple of weeks that will be a great way to ease in to your Latin studies for younger Foundations students. Latin with Andy Code Breakers - Family Style Schooling CODES Get Deal Hi there! We have misplaced our login information. They are just short videos demonstrating concepts from the exercises in Henle’s First Year Latin. You will create your profile and add whatever billing method you would like to use. Cheryl, Can you pay with credit card? All the videos are based on the Henle Lessons and exercises. In fact, there’s a video for every exercise in both the Henle 1 and Henle 2 books. We are starting Challenge A next year for my son who has severe dyslexia. Don’t worry. B, but is losing her like for Latin. The rest of the videos cover each exercise in both Henle 1 and Henle 2. I noticed that the youtube vocabulary flashcard videos only go through Lesson 3. The Code Breaker videos are exactly what we need in addition to his lessons. I have tried to print the documents the correlate with the lesson but I can’t. Thank you so much for your encouragement! We completed Challenge A in April so it was a great review to prep for Challenge B. Catch previous airings of Andy's program here ! My daughter is just starting Latin this year, 9th grade, and we are taking an extremely slow approach to wet her feet (Getting Started with Latin and the Vocabulary from Classical Roots books) but plan on ramping it up in 10th-12th. Andy does have videos for Henle 2, but only vocabulary quizzes/tests for Henle 1 at this point. Can I view a sample somehow before committing to buy a membership? My videos that correspond with Henle cover all 42 lessons of the first book, and the entirety of the second as well. So if you’re assigned a certain number of exercises for the week in Challenge A, you’d just watch the corresponding videos before you complete the exercise. Also does the subscription cover everything you offer? You can also consider what it might look like to give a completion grade based on your expectations. Hello! Laurel Johnson. Check out Latin Wave by Andy G, Tobiak on Amazon Music. Learn andy latin with free interactive flashcards. Am I just missing lesson 7 (and 8, 9, 10, etc) that have the work for each day? If you’ve made it through a year of Essentials, it will all make more sense. The Latin with Andy was designed to follow along with Robert Henle’s Latin program. Is a child finishing second grade too young to start Andys Latin program? I just sent you an email with a link to the receipt. Thanks! I appreciate your interest. Deals Verified 2 days ago Latin with Andy is an invaluable resource to supplement learning Latin. The advantage to this is that you can start wherever you want, go back and review if you need, and even preview wherever you’re interested. I might suggest having a look at the Code Breaker series. The winner will be notified by the end of the day! Latin will form the minds of your students. SUBSCRIBE NOW,, Memoria Press’s Henle Latin 1 Teacher Manual,, If you are hoping to take things slow, I would suggest working on memorizing vocabulary from Henle and practicing copying the endings she learned in Code Breakers. I am struggling with latin in challenge A. I have downloaded the codebreakers printables. Time to tackle another Lesson. Try Latin with Andy Codebreakers out and see if you would like to continue on to Henle, and our program. I do not have a stripe or a paypal account. Choose your base (we'd go with their arepas or tostones, personally), choose a protein (chicken, steak, pork or black beans) and top it all off with cheese and Andy's sauces. This will only cancel the recurring payments, not the access you paid for. Latin with Andy “Codebreakers” is free to watch on YouTube and supplementary worksheets and exercises to go with them can be purchased for $10. Thank you for your help and your wonderful resources. Check out Latin Jam 5 : Electrified by Andy Fortuna Productions on Amazon Music. betsy @ Matter of fact, he makes Latin so much better. I’d say track it as you might track a math or science book – by Lesson, but don’t get hung up on the time. Yes! Would you be able to help us out? I would like to make it for one year. I was telling a friend how wonderful this site is. We will get the links fixed up as soon as possible. You can use your credit card like you normally would. Can Andy/Henle be used for the required 2 years of a second language? I haven’t seen one come through my emails. Let me know if you still don’t receive it. My son was really engaged by the Code Breakers videos, not quite sure he’s even ready for the short ones for Challenge A. Thanks for your interest in Latin with Andy! If my friend likes it, she can renew next year if she wishes to do so. The Henle program and Latin with Andy both target 7th grade through 12th grade students. There are discount codes for people who have previously purchased charts or flashcards. Hello! It helped me greatly to see how you broke everything down. They are a great introductory series to give an overview. Learn how your comment data is processed. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on If you’re looking for a schedule, I recommend Memoria Press’s Henle Latin 1 Teacher Manual. Feel free to email [email protected] after you subscribe and we’ll get you a full refund for what you’ve already purchased. If you purchase a quarterly membership and upgrade, your yearly membership time will be added on to the end of your quarterly membership time. Here’s to successful learning and entrepreneurship! I have a Ch2 aged student but Ch2 is not available here. We are currently doing “Latin for Children” by Dr. Aaron Larsen (with Veritas) will these videos still help? Sold Date: December 3, 2020 Start Date: November 26, 2020 Final Price: $885.00 (USD) Bid Count: 39 Seller Feedback: 1588 Buyer Feedback: 669 Super nice rare latin lp Genuine and original jr melody 10-3-2082 Very limited and desirable record. Feel free to contact [email protected] with any other questions you may have. You may be getting a “DPRP error” message. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best! You just use your credit card like normal. Check out his youtube channel for lots of Latin help. You may be able to spread out your two years. I do not have either of these accounts. Thanks. Does he go through Henle in its entirety? Sorry about the trouble! Will the lessons correspond with what he is studying and how long do they take to watch? It is a resource library that your whole family can use. Thanks for your help! Latin aids the mind in other ways … Latin is a unit study where the work is done for you.

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