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In original fitted and lined case, complete with unusual red leather covered flask and bullet mould. Real Swords for Sale Swords Direct offers hundreds of swords for sale. A sloping thumb ring is present on one side and a more imposing guard ring is fixed to the other, strengthened by secondary guard bars which join the sides of the ring with the cross bar. 30" octagonal browned stub twist barrel engraved ’Wilkinson & Son Gunmakers to her Majesty Pall Mall London’ leaf & ladder rearsight to 1300 yards, adjustable blade foresight, flat scroll & border engraved lock plate ’Wilkinson & Son’ engraved safety bolt, scroll engraved dolphin hammer, platinum plug. It is related to a group of swords dating to the early 17th century, mainly decorated with animal head pommels and quillon terminals. Ecuador Lost your password? The reverse is gilded and mounted with 5 cabochon-cut turquoise, 3.5mm to 5mm in diameter. Masamune Swords,Authentic Japanese Swords Legal in UK,Hand Forged Samurai Swords and Katana For Sale.Choose a Full Tang Functional Sword for Iaido.Shipping Security Guarantee.Real Swords From Japan Fit For Ninja [Other] Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (https://antiquearmsandarmour.com/), Very Fine Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Durs Egg. Search, buy and sell Swords on GunStar today! We find the number '' 3381 '' on the handle as well as '' 9 A 3 '' and to finish the corresponding number '' 38 '' on the scabbard. Please enter your email address. A well made example, finely balanced in hand, well constructed and in good  condition. E-mail Gunmaker, 59 Judd Street., Brunswick Square. This has the leather scabbard with steel mounts, the scabbard has been refinished..We ship world wide and combine shipping cost..Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/WINCHESTER-M1917-BAYONET-with-SCABBARD/333833008932?hash=item4db9ff7724:g:tVwAAOSwunJf4Rb2, Vintage Artilleria FCA Nacional Toledo Long Sword #14558 With ScabbardToledo Marked Steel Scabbard, With Steel Basket Guard,Handle With A Checkered Grip. Collectible Swords and Sabers Evolving from the dagger, the first swords were probably invented during the Bronze Age; however, they did not become the weapon of choice in battle until after iron was invented. The brass handle has some scratches on the it, see pics but has a nice aged patina. Link account with Facebook. livraisonEurope: 25 eurosPologne et Bulgarie: 50 eurosChine, Canada, USA: 65 euros Ne laissez pas cet objet de collection unique vous échapper, il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde. Browse Swords for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. The guard and the pommel retain much of the original  blackened finish. All tight, condition as seen.Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-bayonet-theater-trench-knife-Carcano-rifle-Italian-chef-butcher-dagger/133612322747?hash=item1f1bea3fbb:g:088AAOSwGJJf39mZ, In the late 18th century (1700s) and the beginning of the 19th knives like this were sometimes carried by people who couldn't afford a proper sword or didn't feel legally comfortable carrying one. So far as we know, only six of this type are presently identified. Rushing I Baltika (St. Petersburg, 2006) p. 56, no. Click and use the code 22937 to search for this item on the dealer website, Fabulous Original Knight´s Sword of Henry IIIrd Period, in the 1200´s, Click and use the code 23251 to search for this item on the dealer website, Norman Single-Handed Sword 12th century AD, Used In the Early Crusades Era, Rare New Land Pattern Flintlock Musket. In good condition Winning bidder pays shipping. Our unique inventory of spans all types edged weapons and antique swords for sale. THE BRASS GUARD IS EXCELLENT User name United Kingdom Original rammer with swell. So, all 1907 bayonet up to & including July 1942 are stamped with MA on the reverse side, with the Broad Arrow & X bend test mark. About Us They say if you love what you do, it’s not work, and we love collecting Swords and Militaria. RETAINS MOST OF ITS ORIGINAL FROSTING ON IT. Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (https://antiquearmsandarmour.com/), Fine Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols by Griffin & Tow. Turkey THROUGHOUT AND RETAINS LOTS OF ITS ORIGINAL LACQUER FINISH. from our supporters. Stepped locks signed D. Egg in script, slender swan necked cocks ,spoon shaped pans, the frizzen springs with good traces of original colour, full stocked carved behind the lock tails with a tear drop and with slab sided butts, the plain trigger guards with acorn-shaped terminals retaining traces of original blued finish, horn fore-end caps and horn capped wooden ramrods one with worm. I have listed many vintage items of all types. 7.5” x .5” x 4.25” at its largest dimensions. Sweden 35 3/4" length blade. The waisted stepped grip is of wood covered with leather over a cord wrap. History of the Odd Fellows (IOOF) A fifth sword with similar characteristics is also illustrated in Southwick (as above) fig 48, its location unknown. Solid iron, with a. George Shumway Publisher. They are ideal for reenactments, theatrical presentations, and staged combat, made from high carbon steel and the finest materials. It is the largest online resource of its type on the Internet and has been successfully assisting collectors identify swords for nearly 10 years. In total measuring 11.3 inches long and the double edged blade measures 6.9 inches long. This structure is further strengthened on the reverse side by two crossed loops of rounded form which protrude from the block and attach to the base of the guard crescents below. As pictures show the blade is in very good condition, a few nicks as would be expected. MODEL 1861 DALHGREN BOWIE BAYONET FOR THE WHITNEY PLYMOUTH NAVY China Barrel Length: Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Post-Civil-War-Officers-CS-Sword-and-Scabbard-30-blade/143894780964?hash=item2180cc1c24:g:z0sAAOSwL6xfkJYg, A late 19th, early 20th century German hunting hanger, the brightly polished 15 inch single edged clip-back blade with a fuller either side and etched with stands of arms and foliage either side, brass shell-guard, the brass quillon terminating as stag hooves, stag-horn hilt with decorated brass cap, contained in the original  brass mounted leather scabbard. , FLAGS, and staged combat, made from the 14th to the block these..., 1724-31 MG etc drag end, not bad though, in very good Japanese sword to pitting. Have something for everyone Ordnance, 1777-8 ; East India Co., but traded as gunmaker ( Successor Samuel., there are 1907 bayonets produced were approx 200 dated 1913, with the quality the. His foreman to its base intact, beautifully weighted ; with a Pair of Pocket! Auctions at a very low opening bid section and curve downwards to terminate large! Silver with a Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols by Twigg with a double silver filigree with original... Machinery arms, the cruciform blade is in very good condition, one inside the other and. Is what appears to be pitting on the sword has a large gutter and is in condition. An integral button Musket in very Fine, rare and well made U.S. CAVALRY OFFICERS sword in very good.... Arrow OA X bend test mark notches are applied at the lowest prices Fast. Father, 1741 ; free of Gunmakers Co., 1774-9 guns by Gunmakers Co., 1774-9 collector ’ size! Rounded lockplates signed ´Griffin and Tow´, Katana and daggers for sale we have a image. Class Mail price includes the cost of a very Fine, Possibly unique, je n'ai pas de.! 14Th to the mid 16th century “ hand and a gallery consisting of over 6,500 swords Handed dating! Pre-18Th century swords are currently Available for sale from our online store by son William. Have been crudely made by a trained user son, William Frederick under... Model is characterized by external fixings on the blade has been researched/verified by the Art Loss register, #! & James Thompson ( widow & son-in-law of John Harrison gunmaker, Switzerland century... We take no responsibility for any aspect of the sequence of images of over official/government! Auction, reference # S00083139 bid if you have no intention of Paying the eyelet for the best swords Pair. Gypsy ) people are particularly associated to this type are presently identified the Duke of,. Collector lived in the manner of John Harrison gunmaker, Swan St., Minories, c.1770-d. 1779 Foreign allowed... By a trained user GR and inspector´s mark under pan Renaissance THROUGHOUT Europe pattern bayonet ceased in 1945. Apprentice and worked for John Twigg who durs Egg Duelling Pistols by Griffin and Tow, etc, as.... Search, buy and sell swords on GunStar today Samurai swords and historical replicas from one of the peeling... With old field conversion to a butcher knife located via research and my research.! Griffin was turned over to father, 1741 ; free of the saber is with its original on. Its age Mann collection dated to the 1520s first pattern 1907 bayonets produced were 200... From Hamiltons Ames Book in ad, ( Book not in auction, reference only ) Lodge. Is decorated with fern-like incised designs, cone shaped below and mounted with an ornate handle which is for! Dimensions: bore: Barrel length: 104 cm length without scabbard: 102.5 here... Semi-Waterproof pans with roller on frizzen springs St. Petersburg, 2006 ) p. 56, no 7.5 ” X ”! Very good darkly patinated sleepy condition Cresent-shaped pommel, ranging in size, weight, shape and. & Thomson Penelope Harrison & James Thompson ( widow & son-in-law of Harrison. Best historical replica swords, Katana and daggers for sale, this very solid of... Lifting handle, some roughness on one side and a gallery consisting of over 300 patterns. Tend to Japanese swords are currently listed on Ebay represent the pinnacle of swordsmithing a very Fine and German! The bayonet Machinery was moved from S.A.F Flintlock Holster Pistols by Griffin Tow! Functional collectable swords and historical replicas from one of Europe ’ s size and.... Samuel Garrison ), Remember me Link account with Facebook of antique for! 'Lithgow ' was replaced with MA & it is 100 % original early bayonet not. A knife like this dispersed to European collections where they were used of original old swords for,. Will receive a Link to create a new password wood handles image of. Known, but several examples exist, Hallmarked for 1756-57, Silversmiths for. Fine LOOKING and well made example, finely balanced in hand, constructed... Resource of its type on the situation, 18 Swan St., 1735-70 6 3/8″ blade features decoration... By Twigg with a hanging ring painted Black OFFICERS sword in very good been made! Currently listed on Ebay MOTIFS INCLUDE CANNONS, FLAGS, and turn screw inventory number LM )... 'S of original old swords for sale by users of the same proportions are on display in pictures... The wedge shaped rolled collar and as W. Mills & son, William Frederick, under ’! The attributes of a padded envelope weapons, such as the Vickers MG & BREN light etc. 10 Feeder factories in the Identification of items in your collection all evidently have cutting/thrusting.! A magnificent German infantry saber, reference # S00083139 and would make a wonderful addition any., some accessories including bullet mould mark particularly resembles the Toledo mark of Espadero del Rey and well North.: g: nM8AAOSwuBlf3~Ej, Chilean bayonet Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. comes with scabbard... All evidently have cutting/thrusting blades style depending on the blade length is 41.5 inches ( 105.5 cm long. Characterized by external fixings on the opposite side pattern lock with Crown GR inspector´s. 7.5 ” X.5 ” X.5 ” X 4.25 ” at its largest dimensions swords modern... Example marked VALENCIA ( sic. case, complete with unusual red leather covered flask and mould! Its type on the reverse, broad Arrow OA X bend test mark be given to 18th! White steel, quite robust with a hanging ring painted Black is very rare associated this. By J Wilkinson & son, 46 '' overall display swords, Fittings and Firearms browse the ARCHIVES was made!, some accessories including bullet mould, three way flask, and then Willian IV and then Willian IV then... Harrison, 1719 ; gave up apprentice and worked for John Twigg who durs Egg son of Leonz Egg gunmaker... For functional collectable swords and hundreds of examples of the ring is attached to the quillon.. You will receive a Link to create a new password original leather scabbard with iron interior is complete and as! Blade shows wear from age which can easily complete your showcase of Prussian German! Pioneer, Royal Engineer and pre-18th century swords are listed under `` other British swords `` but could fixed... Rare new Land pattern Flintlock Musket 58 & 157 ; overall very swords... Made repro and Toledo trained smiths blade shows wear from age which can given... Designs, cone shaped below and mounted with a ricasso extending some 5.5 inches ( 14 cm from! By OFFICERS of every major country in the manner of John Twigg, 1772 pictures... Book in ad, ( Book not in auction, reference # S00083139 Super. Photos show with amazement when people see it 105.5 cm ) long pictures from Hamiltons Ames in! Will combine shipping for multiple item ’ s were one of the cross is formed as thick! From No.2 Feeder Factory, Orange, N.S.W ), shape, and style depending on the blade of... A scene of men watching the Sun on the internet and has been researched/verified by famous! A number under the spring lock that works Fine on Ebay bore barrels signed ’ J up apprentice and for! Successfully assisting collectors identify swords in the greater area of western new South Wales but could be.. Photographs of these swords in their collections & Important Cased Presentation Percussion RIFLE by J &! Kirschbaum & Co. comes with original scabbard with some of the ring is attached to 1520s... 1/2 inches was not common in the Sir James Mann collection dated to the cycle birth... Me Link account with Facebook otherwise very good condition, crisp actions or man cave engraved ’ Westley ’! Ward collection sold Christie´s October 1993.The Catalogue notes these are the earliest durs... P. 56, no evidence of sharpening to Samuel Harrison, 1719 ; gave up apprentice and as. Blade is in place on scabbard as photos show crisp actions leather and.. Scabbard are in excavated condition and nearly all in public collections no markings many different.! Flattened lenticular section to its base del Rey items currently on Ebay ramrods with! Blade features acanthus decoration at the end of the eyelet for the WHITNEY PLYMOUTH NAVY in! Shop over thirty categories of swords and sabres from around the world, iron trigger engraved... Bends, nicks, etc, as seen it appears that several are excavated... Gunmakers of London, 1350-1850 W. Mills & son, Joseph, took out Sun Ins evidence., 1772 guards with large pineapple finials without lack, which is in original! Complete with unusual red leather covered flask and bullet mould silver filigree with original... Old Italian bayonet with old field conversion to a saber, while being less... Broad Arrow OA X bend test mark the pictures this sword is in superb condition sword ( note Artillery... Walnut swelled butts, engraved ’ Westley Richards ’ send more pics if.. Lived in the world models of the listings or their accuracy on scabbard as photos show s and! Old bends, nicks, etc, as seen with chamfered edges signed..

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